Content Submission

Business Service
  • Proper context writing
  • Professionally crafted
  • Get the right message across
  • Short notice write ups
  • Graphic content creation

Light and Shades is a full-service digital content services provider for clients in Nigeria and around the world. We help brands perform effective research that drives development of content type choices, budget allocation, content themes and topics, content promotion, and even publication and promotion. Our experts have helped clients around the world build a digital presence through content strategy, design, and publication for blogs, news stories, multimedia, infographics, and technical guides.

Light and Shade’s digital content team helps clients around the world build a complete content strategy. We start with in-depth research, compile it in a thorough report, and use our decades of experience to help you build a complete content framework that establishes your budget, content types, distribution methods, and content themes.

If you’re looking for someone to carry out your digital content strategy, Light and Shade’s writing, production, and editorial teams can come together to design and create content that is completely unique and tailored to your brand, message and audience. We’ve worked with clients to create blogs, technical guides, news stories, infographics, and multimedia..

Looking to cross the cultural barrier? Our regional experts can help you build effective strategies for engaging with audiences in East Asia, South America, India, Europe, North America, Africa, and pretty much anywhere else. We go beyond simple translation to help you tailor your message to an audience with unique culture, values, idioms, and local competitors.

Blogs are a great way to enhance your SEO strategy, establish thought leadership, impact conversion throughout your marketing funnel, and take advantage of current topics and themes. News outlets are a great way to reach a large audience, and can be appropriate for product releases, high-profile hires, and other noteworthy events. We can work with you to develop content for your blog and news releases and leverage our relationships with news outlets to get your stories published.

Whether you’re looking for a content expert to help you build your digital content strategy, or a hands-on partner to develop, publish, and promote content on your behalf, our expert team of writers, editors, and producers are here to help.